More than just project managers -
people managers!

Our three core services are Executive Search, Expert Recruitment and Interim Management Search. We fill positions from selected Specialists, as well as from Manager/ Team leader over Senior/ Head of/ Director level up to C-Level Management.

Each search assignment is actively managed and individually supported by the respective consultant. In order to recruit suitable candidates, our strategy, using the latest technologies, relies on our extensive database or personal contact network with the combination of direct approach. 

We recognize the DNA of our clients; goals, culture and requirements for employees and understand the challenges involved to identify the right personalities.

Furthermore, we support companies in the area of consultancy. Here we bring our many years of HR expertise to bear with individual approaches to many issues. We are very interested in supporting our clients with our expertise as a sparring partner. 

Executive Search

  • We manage executive search projects exclusively via direct approach

  • In order to be able to create a detailed candidate profile in advance, our candidate selection is based on a comprehensive analysis of company information regarding industry, competition and market positioning

  • Our research methodology includes investigating the availability of suitable and qualified candidates

  • Creation of a shortlist of qualified candidates

  • Implementation of a strict initial screening, also on the basis of individual aptitude diagnostics, with an additional look behind the CV

  • Final presentation of the candidate profiles with a well-founded recommendation

  • If required, we also accompany the applicant interviews on site

  • Assessment: potential analyses & talent management

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Expert Recruitment

  • We manage short-term expert recruitment in the search for specialists

  • Extensive database / social media research/ SEO optimized job ads/ direct approach to candidates

  • Analysis and implementation of a need-based recruitment & recruitment campaigns

  • Creation of detailed job descriptions

  • Advertisement placement in our extensive and industry-specific media network and via social media channels

  • Onboarding: Support & Coaching

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Interim Management Search

  • We conduct interim management searches for candidates who temporarily provide stability to a company / department or offer a highly specialized qualification that a company does not have internally

  • Fast and flexible adaptation to new conditions

  • Advantages: Speed, fast results, knowledge transfer and objectivity

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Questions & Answers
With our HR expertise we would like to translate the hard to digest theory into practice as easily as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide our customers with expert advice as a neutral partner. 


Finding qualified, motivated and reliable employees requires not only good market access, the appropriate industry knowledge and an extensive network of candidates, but also tact and time in the search and selection process. In order that you as a company can concentrate on your core competencies, we as your competent partner will gladly take over the recruitment process for you.

If you would like to build up or expand a personnel department or adapt it to structural and market changes, we will design and implement personnel processes for you and/or adapt them to changed conditions. For this purpose, we analyze the current situation together with you, develop customized solutions and implement them for you.

Topic options for the introduction / optimization of personnel processes:

  • Guidelines, work instructions, business instructions and company agreements

  • Performance reviews, appraisal systems

  • Certificates and letters of reference

  • Reminders, warnings and notices

  • Recruitment process

  • Personnel Development Process

  • Personnel controlling and payroll accounting

The services can be used on a project basis or as part of a long-term cooperation. You can determine the type, scope and duration flexibly according to your needs and save the costs that would be incurred with a permanent position.

Your processes remain in the company, because we work on site. Absolute discretion and the consideration of data protection guidelines are guaranteed as well as in your internal personnel department.

In a personal meeting we would be happy to determine your needs together with you!


The dynamics of the markets in which we are active and the constantly growing demands on companies require quick and flexible adjustments to new conditions. In the form of effective and clearly defined workflows, modern and transparent corporate structures, you can prepare for future requirements. As your HR interim managers, we bridge your open vacancies in the company, relieve your internal resources and advance your projects.

HR interim management is a specific service for the personnel department of your company. HR specialists and managers are deployed flexibly and for a limited period of time within the framework of clearly defined project assignments.

Possible applications of HR interim managers:

  • Setup, expansion and reorganization of a personnel department

  • Optimization of processes and interfaces

  • Accompaniment of change processes in the company

  • Design and implementation of personnel processes

  • Planning and implementation of personnel projects

  • Conception and organization of measures for personnel development

HR Interim Management supports you if you want to build up, expand or develop the HR department of your company in a new direction. By looking at things from the outside, HR interim managers often arrive at solutions that would not have been possible from the inside. You can benefit from our additional expertise. HR interim managers bridge periods of absence such as parental leave, sick leave and reoccupation periods.

Together we will determine your needs, the goal and the required scope of the project to get a comprehensive picture and then decide together on the awarding of the project.

We look forward to hearing from you to arrange a non-binding appointment!

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